Wishes for 2017

latestMaybe in 2017 we can ease up on the hate. Maybe this is the year ESPN comes to Canada. Maybe this season Blue Jays fans will stop embarrassing by throwing their beer at opponents.

I don’t ask for much, but I do have a list of wishes for 2017.

  • I wish for someone at TSN and Sportsnet to understand the definition and value of diversity. Five channels each, same game on all five is not effective.
  • abolishing of the CRTC.
  • ESPN in Canada.
  • for Roughriders fans and local media to stop making excuses for Chris Jones. He’s not Bill Belichick. He endured a rough first season in Saskatchewan, he cheated and was caught and fined and offered no explanation why, nor did he issue an apology to fans or the league. When it comes to his personality, he’s a guy Riders fans would dislike if he was coaching in any other city. So why the double standard?
  • for the people who drive trucks to understand traffic laws also apply to them.
  • for Blue Jays fans to appreciate Aaron Sanchez. He’s the ace you haven’t had since Roy Halladay. Judging by the average attendance (17-19,000) during Halladay’s tenure in TO, you never appreciated his greatness. (By the way, pitching wins championships, not 600-foot homers).
  • another one for Jays fans. You don’t need and shouldn’t want to sign Jose Bautista. Instead, management should focus on a more likeable guy like free-agent outfielder Rajai Davis – he’s a cheaper alternative to Bautista and someone who can lead off and add a sorely needed speed element to that lineup.
  • for Blue Jays fans to stop throwing beer at umpires and opponents.
  • for all sports announcers to call a game without homer bias. Hello, Buck Martinez.
  • for the Trivago guy to find a new gig, preferably one where he is not seen or heard.
  • for everyone to stop saying “It’s nice out” when the temperature is below 20C and there’s three feet of snow on the ground. If it’s too cold for shorts and a T-shirt then it’s not nice out.
  • for everyone to ease up on the hate. World peace is unrealistic, but there’s plenty of room for improvement in how we treat one another. Stop the whining and crying for political correctness. Stop the bigotry and racism and sexism and xenophobia. Be tolerant.
  • for hipsters to learn of their irony.
  • for the retirement of Don Cherry. The game has long since passed him by.
  • for the Summer and Winter Olympics to cease operations. There’s nothing amateur about the billions of dollars spent to host games and non-sports that so few people care about. They’re just an overpriced novelty act we pretend to care about during a two-week span every four years.
  • for Olympics to ban professional athletes from competing (NHL, NBA, etc). Amateur athletes only.
  • for hockey to finally ban fighting. We don’t see it at the world junior tournament or at the World Cup or previous Olympics, so why do we need it during league play?
  • for baseball fans to accept the fact Barry Bonds is worthy of the Hall of Fame.
  • for the NHL to realize the Outdoor Classic has lost its appeal. Suggestion: Play one outdoor game every third or fourth year.
  • for 2017 to be better than 2016. We lost too many talented people in 2016 – Muhammad Ali, Gordie Howe, Arnold Palmer, Prince, Phife Dawg, Craig Sager…
  • for everyone to have reason to celebrate something special in 2017.

Happy New Year!


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