I’m a sports fan with heavy emphasis on baseball.

Living in Canada has many privileges, but it also comes with its limitations. I’m thankful I was given the opportunity to be introduced to and play several different sports as a kid. A few have stuck with me over the years, but none compare to my love for the bat and the ball on the diamond.

It’s challenging to be a baseball fan in this country. “No one cares.” “Why don’t you watch hockey instead?” If I had a dollar each time I heard this… But I love the game and that won’t change.

I’ve been whacked on the shins by Yogi Berra and his cane. I had Derek Jeter’s undivided attention during a one-on-one interview. Alex Rodriguez brushed me off. Mike Trout, Prince Fielder, Ryan Dempster and Gio Gonzalez are just a few of the many really nice guys behind the scenes I have spoken with. Carlos Zambrano is not.

On this site you’ll read stories from my interactions with current and former ball players and my opinions on issues and events in the game. You might read other stuff too.

I’m a former journalist who worked in newspapers for 15 years; also a freelance reporter for the Canadian Press and have covered the CFL, specifically in Saskatchewan.

Thanks for stopping by.