Canadian values are???

* I’ll preface this by saying I have zero affiliation with political blue, orange, red or green. I hate politics. I’m just looking for answers to a confusing question. Federal Conservative leadership hopeful Kellie Leitch has asked that would-be refugees that come to this country be screened for anti-Canadian values. This got me asking, ‘What … More Canadian values are???

Unshackled ace

REGINA – Aaron Sanchez looks forward to his freedom on the mound in 2017. An innings limit, workload reduction and extra rest between starts — all phrases the Toronto Blue Jays’ prized pitching phenom dealt with last season — are in the past. At least he hopes so. “Taking the ball every fifth day is … More Unshackled ace

Wishes for 2017

Maybe in 2017 we can ease up on the hate. Maybe this is the year ESPN comes to Canada. Maybe this season Blue Jays fans will stop embarrassing by throwing their beer at opponents. I don’t ask for much, but I do have a list of wishes for 2017. I wish for someone at TSN … More Wishes for 2017